Smart iLED App Reviews

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Fix Crashing App

App crashes every time I open it, so I can no longer turn on or control my lights. Please fix this!


I just spent tons on lights in my car and for them to be compatible with my phone and now I can't use the app.. If you have the newest update on your phone the app doesn't work..

Connection problems after software update

Will not pair with lights after the IOS 9 software .

Connection Problems

I bought the Fulmer LED kit for my Can-Am and it works great when it actually connects via Bluetooth. The problem is that sometimes it takes over 5 minutes to connect sometimes. So standing there while minutes are ticking away is ridiculous. I'd almost prefer manual control over the Bluetooth. Who knows, maybe there is something wrong with the light controller? I've tried the pro version of the app also and have the same problem. There is absolutely zip for support through Fulmer. 3 stars because it works sometimes. -2 because it is the app you are supposed to use. I guess it would be nice if it kept in memory the last device connected permanently. Maybe it would connect faster?

One Problem

The app works very well but I only have one problem. The app crashes whenever you have it playing on music mode and you try to lock your screen whereas it doesn't crash whenever you lock your screen and is not playing music and just the lights in general. if they can get this fixed that would be all song that's my only problem the rest of it is amazing. great lights and multicolored it's beautiful

Very Intuitive

Lots of controls but easy to operate. Wide range of colors and patterns. Love the capability of having it react to music. I am using this app with Fulmer LED light kit on my Harley. Great lights at a great price.


This new kit is awesome. It works great w the music. The mic feature rocks. And the color chart is bright. Looks great on the scoot.

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